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Dave's Spin Dye Jig Rig

Disc Golf spin dyeing made easy with this universal jig attachment for record players.

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$20.00  $14.00

Over 263 Dyers Use This Jig!

Say Good-Bye to Spin-Dye Woes

Dave’s Spin Dye Jig Rig is one of the lowest priced AND versatile spin dye rigs available on the market. The adjustable riser blocks allow for the best fit for any disc shape, top facing or bottom. It is also one of the few rigs designed with built in offset spin capabilities. If these feature’s don’t spin you, nothing will.

Cheap Isn’t a Dirty Word

If you were to call the Spin Dye Jig Rig cheap, by goodness you’d be right. That’s no insult when we are able to offer such a high quality, multi-functioning spin dye rig at the lowest cost on the market.

One Size DOES Fit All

The universal design of the Spin Dye Jig Rig allows for use with any record player or turntable without modifications.

Raise Your Expectations

This versatility extends to allowing the jig to fit any PDGA approved disc for both top and bottom spinning capabilities only requiring minor adjustments to the riser blocks.

Off Set the Complications

The multiple off-center holes allow for quick adjustments, making consistent offset spins a breeze.

Free Spin Dye Jig Rig Tutorial!

Learn how to use all the features of the Spin Dye Jig Rig and useful spin dye tips in this comprehensive video

Technical Specs

Hole Size

Spindle Hole ID: 7.2mm




Jig Diameter: 6.25in


5 Printed Pieces


6 hole locations


Felt pads


Super cheap and well worth it. 👌
the little pedestals are removable and cut to a slight tilt. You can spin them around so you can center the disc upside down or right-side up.

Joe Barnes

I bought one from Dave Gruentzel and I'm so glad…I wouldn't be able to spin without it…Thank you for the great tool…Plus I use it for my video recording for my reels 👍😁🔥😁👍

Ivan Pantirer

Dyelicious Discs

Thanks for providing a bad-ass product at a reasonable price!

John Hall

This jig is perfect dude, really helps with centering the disc which I was struggling with before without it. Great product, thanks!


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No. But, it makes it easier and take only a few seconds.

The jig rests on the flight plate, either top or bottom. It does not sit on the disc rim or tight against the inner rim.

Currently printed out of PLA. Be careful of extreme heat as it could warp the jig.

The main cross base and 4 blocks that have felt pads on top.