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Custom Dyed Discs in South East Wisconsin

Buy a Dye,
Save the Sky

I will donate 10% of my disc dyeing sales at the end of each month this year to a different organization that is helping preserve our ecosystem.

Want a Disc That Is One of a Kind?

Everyone has the same factory-stamped discs. Why not stand out from your friends and show them something that is hand-crafted to your personality.

Dye on Demand

In less that 3 easy steps you can have the disc of your dreams that will make you throw farther and putt better.

Pick Your Brain

Email me so we can brainstorm the idea you have in your head before you place an order.

Pick a Treatment

Pick from a stencil, burst effect, spin dye, and/or solid coloring from the store.

Pick a Disc

Pick from from our existing inventory or mail us your favorite disc.


What is a...

New to disc dyeing? No worries, I can explain what things are.

What Does a Stencil Look Like?

A stencil is just that, a stencil. It’s made out of sticker vinyl that is cutout on a machine to get accurate fine detail and It’s applied to the disc only temporarily. Weeding a stencil can take 10 mins to up to 1 hour depending on the complexity of the artwork.

How Is a Burst Effect Achieved?

The light speed burst effect is created by using shaving cream as the base medium formed in a mound with the powered dye sprinkled on the top. The disc is then pressed down into the mount and sits there to sink down further for about 8 hours.

What’s a Spin Dye and How Does It Work?

A spin is used to fix all the happy little mistakes from a dye job… And to add that little extra “pop” to really finish the design. The dye is mixed with acetone or alcohol and brushed on while the disc is on top of a spinning record player.

What People Are Saying

Austin H.

“An awesome stamp won’t magically fix all of your flaws, but there is something special about holding a favorite disc with a custom dye-job that allows me to mentally get out of my own way. If you can dream it, he can dye it.”



If these aren’t some of the most unique and coolest wedding gifts!


Michael D.

“This disc is everything I could have asked for, it’s a piece of artwork that I almost don’t want to throw!”


Mark G.

“As soon as I saw one of Dave’s discs in person I knew I had to have one. He was easy to work with and brought my idea that I had in my head to life!”


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