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Custom Dyed Discs in South East Wisconsin

Dye Acceptability Chart

The most popular question we get has to do with the Dye Acceptability of different plastics.


You got questions, I have answers!

How much does it cost for a custom dyed disc?

We handcraft each dye and is made specifically for its new owner. Some take a day or two to complete, some a week. It all depends on what exactly it is you’re looking to have done to the disc to make it all your own. Visit our Custom Disc Dye Order Form to tell us all about the custom you’d like created and we’ll have a mock up of your stencil and quote ready in no time flat. All that said, most custom disc dyes range from $25 – $50 before plastic and shipping.

What is the turn around time for a custom dye?

Ideally we like to turn orders over within two weeks. That said, we’re not a production factory and orders can stack up in times of high demand pushing turn around times out as far as a month. Only one way to find out where we’re at right now, fill out our Custom Disc Dye Order Form and get the process started!

What’s the process if I want a custom stencil designed?

In short, you tell us all about the stamp that’s in your mind’s eye and send us a few images you might want incorporated into the design then we take it from there. We’ll work up a couple of preliminary ideas and a quote based on the complexity of your design, then move forward with creating your stamp after approval.

How long does the dye last?

It depends on the plastic the disc is. You can see fading around 1 year.